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Racitelcom Inc. is a telecommunications company that offers a wide range of internet and telephone services for both residential and business plans. Modernize their existing transmission telecommunication system to a new digital exchange with a remote subscriber and fiber units towards connecting the rest of the province of Bulacan. The company provides internet and telephone services around Meycauayan, Marilao, Bocaue, and Sta. Maria Bulacan. The Racitelcom main office was located at McArthur Highway, Abangan Norte, Marilao, Bulacan. 


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16 MacArthur Hwy, Marilao, Bulacan


(044) 248 8888

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  • Racitelcom Inc

    RACITELCOM Inc. was founded in 1957 by Ernesto A. Papa and was first granted a Municipal franchise to operate a telephone business in Meycauayan on September 24, 1957 by the Municipal Council of Meycauayan by virtue of Resolution with Republic Act no.667.

    Thereafter, the company expanded its operations to the municipality of Bocaue after it was granted the authority to construct, maintain and operate a telephone system through Resolution no.19 dated February 5, 1961. The Bocaue franchise was approved by the Provincial Board of Bulacan on February 21, 1961 by virtue of Resolution no.115. The corresponding Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity was issued by the defunct PSC in Case No. 61-1375 dated April 17, 1961.

    In the same year, the Sta. Maria franchise was obtained was obtained by virtue of Resolution no.3 series of 1961 and was approved by the Bulacan Provincial Board in its Resolution no.91, series of 1961. The Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity was issued by the PSC in Case No. 61-1383.

    For the Municipality of Marilao, RACITELCOM, INC. through the late Ernesto A. Papa was granted a municipal franchise to operate and maintain telephone system in said Municipality by the Marilao Municipal Council in its Resolution No. 25 dated April 25, 1968. The Bulacan provincial board approved the franchise with Resolution No. 691 dated July 31, 1968. The PSC on September 27, 1971 granted the RACITELCOM Inc. under Case No. 69-2923 a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to operate the telephone system in the Municipality of Marilao, Bulacan.

    To ensure delivery of better service to their present and future subscriber, RACITELCOM Inc. expanded and modernized its existing transmission telecommunication system to new digital exchange with remote subscriber units and FTTH geared towards connecting the rest of the Province of Bulacan.

    In March 26, 1998, RACITELCOM Inc. was granted a Congressional Franchise under Republic Act No. 8606 and was recently renewed and granted last July 30, 2022 for another 25 years.

    It is our mission is to provide a leading edge one stop telecommunication solution to communities with progressive high quality communication technology services that enhances the value of people’s lives and assists in economic development in the areas we serve, while being abreast with technological development globally, backed up by team which is passionately committed in providing an outstanding customer service.

    Our vision is to have efficiency and continued growth in the use of telecommunication technologies and give our clients a competitive edge in their respective lifestyles and industries through the provisioning of market-leading communication products and services.